Allison & Henry | Downtown Kingston Wedding

Kingston is a vibrant city, filled with culture and history, the perfect backdrop for any wedding. Allison and Henry’s wedding took place on a beautiful August day surrounded by family and friends. The ceremony took place at MacDonald Memorial Park, followed by a reception at the Sheridan. Guests danced the night away while also enjoying the sounds of the Kingston Blues Festival from the balcony.

Weekend Adventures | Three Days Grace

Concert photography is something I have always had an interest in but never had much opportunity to try. Getting a media pass to a show can be tricky if you are not a member of a media outlet. So when a friend offered up the chance for me to photograph Three Days Grace the next time their tour came close by I was understandably thrilled.

My chance came when 3DG stopped in Toronto at the Budweiser stage for the labour day weekend.

For some, heading into the media pit might be an everyday thing. But for me it was a new and exciting experience. The media pit is the space that resides between the stage and the gate that the audience stands behind. The pit is filled with security, concert staff and of course eager photographers like myself. The minute the band walks out onto the stage a picture taking frenzy begins with photographers pushing pass and crawling over each other to get the best angle. I discovered I needed to be a contortionist with cat-like reflexes to get my desired shots of the band. Was it fun? You betcha.

My goal was to get at least one shot of each band member, which proved tricky when it came to the drummer. The stage was pretty high to begin with and the drummer sits behind an elevated drum kit. Overall, I was fairly happy with the photos I got. Lucky enough to get a ticket for the concert, I sat with friends for the remainder of the show, which I throughly enjoyed. Three Days Grace knows how to rock.

Cake Smash!

The last time I saw this beautiful boy he was just a few months old. How he has grown! His parents worked hard to find special sports items for his vintage style cake smash.