Street Photography in Toronto

Back in October I had the pleasure of spending the day taking photos on the streets of Toronto with the Kingston Photo Club. I've been a member of the club for a few years now and have always enjoyed our weekend adventures. This year we decide that we wanted to promote the theme of Street photography and of course there is no better place for that then Toronto, one of the busiest and most diverse cities in the province. I have to admit, I was excited. It would be the first time I had visited Toronto with the sole purpose of just taking photos.

I have been intrigued by street photography ever since I read about Vivian Mair, a reclusive nanny who shot street photos most of her life, none of which were discovered until after her death. I found her photos to be highly intriguing, noting that the type of camera she used certainly aided her in taking most of her photos without her subjects even knowing. Her twin-Roliflex camera was held at chest level as the viewfinder was on the top of the camera. People could see her face as she took their photo, making her actions barely noticeable to her subjects. Some of my subjects in Toronto were aware of my presence and confirmed their approval of me taking their photo by a simple nod. However, in an effort to grab more candid moments, I also took the opportunity to use the flip out LCD screen on the back of my Nikon D750 in live mode. Doing so gave the appearance that I was simply looking down at my camera adjusting my settings making me appear less noticeable to those passing by.