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Brianna & Cody | A Beautiful Perth Wedding

Brianna and Cody added their own personal touches to their wedding in beautiful and unexpected ways making the day a true delight for their family and friends. Their outdoor wedding ceremony was held at Stewart Park, located in the bustling town of Perth, ON.

As I was taking photos of the guests before the ceremony the groom revealed to me that the bride had not yet seen what he was wearing, making their first look at each other down the aisle a true first look. This is the first time I have heard of this, especially since in most cases the bride is involved in the grooms choice of wedding day attire.

There was no noted Best Man or Maid of Honor for their ceremony, just six fantastic and supportive friends that were all fully involved in wedding ring responsibilities.

Young family members enjoyed their roles as ring bearers especially as they come down the aisle. The guest started blowing bubbles promoting a great deal of laughter from one of the ring bearers. 

Guests were also invited to remove their shoes along with the bride and groom for the duration of the ceremony.

The rain made some threatening advances during the ceremony, cutting things a touch short prompting the signing to take place a little while later in favour of a group photo with all the guests before the weather turned.

The bridesmaids wore differently styled dresses in light mauve, while the groom and groomsmen wore dark blue, fitted tuxes trimmed with black on the collar.

A beautifully prepared vegan meal was served while guests sang love songs prompting the bride and groom to kiss followed by heartwarming speeches from family and friends.  

For their first dance, Brianna and Cody danced beautifully, swirling around the dance floor effortlessly, showing their guests just how well they could dance.