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Weekend Adventures | Amherst Island

It can be a challenge to get out your camera in the winter. The landscape can feel drab at times and the blowing snow, icy winds and falling temperatures can test even the toughest of Canadians, however wild weather can often lead some of the best pictures.

Sunday’s weather did not disappoint when it came to dramatics and despite a rough wind the thermometer hung around a not so bitter -3. With a little bit of convincing, my mother joined me for a small adventure. Hot travel mugs and cameras in hand we made our way to Amherst Island with the hopes of finding Snowy Owls. These feathered beauties are one of the main reasons photographers bundle up and take the chilly ferry ride to the Island. Riding the ferry in the winter feels a bit like an arctic expedition getting under way. The ice smashes against the front of the ferry the whole way there and the deck is usually full of onlookers with cameras and binoculars despite the bitter wind.

Several people on the ferry, some first timers like ourselves and others more seasoned, where hopeful of spotting a Snowy Owl, in particular those of the short-eared variety. While we didn’t find any of the feather friends we hoped for, we did find some fantastic sites worth photographing and made some great acquaintances along the way. A couple that were visiting from out of town became our companions in a way, traveling along behind us taking photos with us through out our journey. One of the great things about taking photos on the island is that you can stay warm and just shoot from your car making winter shooting a very comfortable trip out.

Tanya & Dan | A backyard Summer Wedding

Tanya & Dan's wedding took place on a warm summers day at their home in Kingston, Ontario, surrounded by family and friends. The ceremony was filled with the joy and love they felt for each as their friends and family looked on. 

Guests enjoyed a cosy and intimate reception as the couple shared their first dance as a married couple.

Congratulations Tanya & Dan!

Dustin & Danielle

A fun, loving, easy going couple, Dustin & Danielle's wedding was anything but low key. Their wedding took place on the same day as the Urban Slide at Fort Henry and The Hip's last concert. However, despite having their wedding on such a big weekend in Kingston, Dustin & Danielle made the day their own.