Portrait Parties

What is a Portrait Party?

Portrait Parties are a great way for you and your friends to have professional portraits taken in a way that both fun and affordable.

 A Portrait Party is an event hosted at a location such as a local park, a waterfront location or home where I will take professional portraits of you and your guests. Portrait Parties are perfect for friends, family, Moms and babes, and co-workers. 

How it works

The host arranges a location and coordinates the guest list. The host gets their photo session free (with a minimum of 5 guests) and an 8×10 print of their choosing from their portrait party session. 

Each guest pays a reduced-rate session fee of $30 which includes 

·      One 20 minute photo session

·      8 to10 beautifully edited photos via online gallery

·      Receives a coupon for money off a future session

Fees are paid at the time of the session and photos from the session will be available within a week. Payment can be made by Cash, cheque or EMT. The host and each guest being photographed will need to sign a model release form. 

Why a Portrait Party?

Portrait Parties are great option for people who:

·       Need updated photos of themselves or their children

·       Want professional photos but are on a budget

·       Always wanted “themed” photos

·       Would like to host a unique and memorable event that’s fun for family and friends

Themes Ideas

·       Glamour (Wear that gorgeous dress you never get to wear) 

·       Moms and babes

·       Princesses/Super Heroes

·       Pets

·       Couples

·       Just for fun!

How to Book

Choose a date and get in touch with me to see if the date is available. Put together a guest list of 5 or more people. You can invite a minimum of 5 guests (plus yourself) or a maximum of 8 guests. Work out a time and place with your guests. Beautiful weather makes parks, waterfront locations and back yards an excellent choice. Once you have a date set, send an invitation to your guests via email or Facebook. Be sure to follow up with your guests with reminders. 

 Tips for a great Portrait Party

·       Consider snacks and activities for younger guests and treats for pets. Let your guests know that they don’t have to stay the whole time. 

·       Work out a schedule that works for your guests. For example, you may want to let a guest with limited time go first.

·       If your portrait party has a theme don’t forget to bring props such as fairy wings, bubbles, hats, blanket for sitting on etc.

Remember, portrait party is about relaxing, hanging out with friends in a stress free setting while getting some great photos at the same time. It's all about having fun!

Do you have questions? Want to know more? Send me an email at maryannwamboldt@gmail.com.